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Okay, gonna start rather small, just need some points for point commissions.

A big THANKS to everyone who donates.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

: Jordan : 22 : Female : Germany :

My name is Jordan (duh) well, my screen name that is people tend to call me Jordy/Jordie, Jord, J-Bird, Lita,. Those happen to be the most common ones, however you are allowed to come up with your own nickname for me if you dare. You'll notice whether I like it or not. I am German so yes, English is not my native language which means my grammar/spelling is not flawless. But I try my best. I will not freak out in case you'll correct me, in fact I appreciate the help. What else? In case you didn't notice yet, I am a girl. Been born at the very last day of 1991 (New Year's Eve for the slower ones among you) which means I am currently 22 years old. You could say I am quite hard to handle and not afraid to speak my mind. I never willfully offend people though (Unless they clearly deserve it) so if you end up offended by what I say it's most likely your fault. DON'T get all BFF when I don't even know you for more than a few conversations. I don't work that way. I am not anti-social, I just have my own way of socializing. Yes, I do wear the same necklace than my fursona in real life (Why should I draw her with it if not?)



My dog, long walks, windy weather, snow, the smell of lilacs, the colors purple, turquise and orange, decorating, photographing, roaming abandoned places, drawing, Knoppers (No clue what that is? Google is your friend), being out in the fields and forests, music, chocolates with crunchy stuff in it, the good old, 2D animated Disney movies, Latte Macchiato, fingerless gloves, Crossing Jordan (Yes, my screen name has been influenced by that in some way, get over it) pillows, glowsticks, Cappuccino, soap bubbles, reading, birds, climbing onto things, dog tags, bananas, fixing broken things, Rizzoli & Isles, cauliflower, etc



Liars, thieves, idiots, stuck ups, hot weather, being forced to do things I do not want to, family, the smell of boiled eggs, mushrooms, pansies, repeative noises, questions with obvious answers, laggy computers, shopping, the color pink, hugs (Only certain people are allowed to hug me), wierd dudes trying to hit on me, being told what to do, getting dirt in my hair (not afraid to get dirty while working though), overly dramatic people, people who copy others, sudden loud noises, poppy flowers, working on a drawing for hours only to have Gimp crash while saving, accidentally biting my tongue, Youtube blocking most good videos over here, blurry photos, broccoli, large crowds, phones, etc



: Requests - Friends Only : Trades - Ask : Collabs - Ask : Commissions - See Journal : Giftart - Sometimes :



: : : : :… :

Commission info:…

.:: Terms Of Service ::.


- When commissioning me to draw a character please provide a clear, unshaded fullbody reference picture. I only accept descriptions for character designs.

-Sketches/WIPs can be provided upon request

- You can use the artwork you commission from me in any way you like (Edit is, crop it, use it for icons, signatures, IDs etc, repost) all I ask for is proper credit. Simply add a link to either the original piece or my DA page in the description when you repost it somewhere.

- Commissioned linearts are to be used by the commissioner only. If you commission a lineart from me please do not make it available for other people free or paid unless you directly state in your commission order that you want it to be free to use for everyone.

- You can commission me to draw your own characters or a friend's characters as a gift for them. I will not do fanart commissions, meaning I will not draw official movie, game, etc characters. OCs are fine.

- Prices can vary depending on complexity. If your character's design is unusually complex or difficult to draw I might ask for a little more.

- Payment is due after I finished the picture but before I am going to post it. I will notify you when to send the points. Do not send them before. This is simply to make it safe for both of us. You'll only have to pay when you actually get the picture and I wouldn't have to deal with refunds in case I cannot work on commissions for whatever reason.

- I do claim the freedom to deny commission requests when it is something I am not comfortable drawing or my queue is already filled (In that case I might set up a waiting list)

- I won't keep a strict working order, I'll try to finish oldest commission requests first but in the end it depends what I am motivated to do. I rather have someone wait a few days more but give them something I gave 100% working on instead of slaving myself through a piece and having it lack quality. Also keep in mind that I'll be rather slow in finishing artwork. Waiting time varies depending how busy I am with life in general. I'll also toss in personal art inbetween to keep motivation. But I don't forget about commission, when I told you I'll do it you will get your piece. If I'll ever happen to cancel a commission I'll note you about it.

- Anthro characters will be +50% or the price. Those take a lot of effort and time for me to draw, that's why I am asking for more. However, I can also draw your anthro character as feral for the regular price.

- All drawings will come as tansparent .png file with optional "glowy" border (please specify in commission request from) by default. If a background is desired it has to be added in the request form.

- Prices are for one character per piece. Additional characters will be 50% of the price extra. (Example a fullbody sketch of two characters will be 30:points: instead of 20:points:)

.:: Dos And Don'ts ::.

I will draw: ferals (wolves, dogs, cats, birds, MLP style horses [ask about other species])  or anthros of the same species (Anthros are 50% extra in price) "clean"/general artwork/themes, mild gore, OCs (including Pokemon)

I won't draw: Official characters (movies, games, etc), objects, vahicles, mature content (I do have a lot of young followers/watchers so this gallery is supposed to remain suitable for all ages) humans (not good enough at those to offer them for commission yet)

If you are unsure whether or not I'd draw your idea feel free to ask. (Either in the comments or via note)

.:: Prices ::.

Sketches:  headshot - 10:points:  fullbody - 20:points:
Sketches are done traditionally with pencils on non-lined, white paper.
Examples (Examples are on lined paper as they were personal works commissioned works however will be on blank paper): headshot - *coming soon* , fullbody - Eternal WIP by JordanMireldis Sketch by JordanMireldis

Linearts: headshot - 20:points: fullbody - 30:points:
Linearts will be free to color for the commissioner only unless stated otherwise in the commission request from. Each lineart will be saved as non "MS Paint friendly" .png file by default. If you need the lineart to be "paint friendly" or want a .xcf or .psd file please say so when ordering the commission.
Examples: headshot - *coming soon* , fullbody - Redline Please? by JordanMireldisChicken lineart by JordanMireldisPay To Use Lineart by JordanMireldis

Character Designs: new - 50:points: , redesign - 30:points:
I will do new, custom character designs or redesign your old characters For a new design simply tell me what kind of character you want, a color palette and optionally any other details (certain eye color, scars, etc). For a redesign send me a reference picture of your character and I'll revamp it for you. You can give me guidelines or let me interpret how I see fit. Redesigns can be done in free to use (or pay to use if you purchased it beforehand) linearts upon commissioner's request
  Examples: new design - Adoptable 1 *Open* by JordanMireldis, redesign - Character Redesign by JordanMireldis

Icons: 40:points:
Icons will be headshots only. The commissioner can decide whether it should be shaded or flat colors. Backgrounds will be simple textured or colors. Connected "couple" icons will be counted as two single ones.
Examples: Icon 2 by JordanMireldis Icon by JordanMireldis Icons by JordanMireldis Icon Request - Gateliyou by JordanMireldis

Flatcolor Drawings: headshot - 40:points: , fullbody - 60:points:
Unshaded drawings as transparent .png file ("glowy" border can be optionally selected for free. Please specify in request form). Headshot drawings will be bigger in size than icons.
Examples (Examples aren't transparent but commissioned works will be): headshot - Headshot Unshaded by JordanMireldis
Headshot Unshaded by JordanMireldis  , fullbody - Jynx - Art trade by JordanMireldis

Shaded Drawings: headshot - 60:points: , fullbody - 100:points:
Shaded drawings as transparent .png file ("glowy" border can be optionally selected for free. Please specify in request form). Headshot drawings will be bigger in size than icons.
Examples: headshot - Headsot Shaded by JordanMireldis , fullbody - Fullbody shaded no bg by JordanMireldisCommission Himaru-kun by JordanMireldis


Backgrounds: color/texture - 30:points:  , semi-detailed - 100:points:
Backgrounds are to be commissioned additionally to any flatcolor/shaded drawing and are not being offered seperately. Please specify which background colors/setting you want in the request form or I'll chose how I'll see fit.
Examples: color/texture - Fullbody Shaded Color Bg by JordanMireldis Commission ponygirl0316 by JordanMireldisCommission - Muffink4t by JordanMireldis  , semi-detailed - Chasing Shadows by JordanMireldis Guardian Angel by JordanMireldisFireworks by JordanMireldis Flying High by JordanMireldis

Wallpaper: 200:points:
Wallpapers consist of a shaded fullbody drawing and a "decorative" background. Wallpapers come in 1200x800px of size by default unless specified differently in the request form.
Examples: Blue meets purple by JordanMireldis You've Got My Heart by JordanMireldis Lita by JordanMireldis Rose by JordanMireldis Liebe Ist.. by JordanMireldis

*SPECIAL OFFER* Photo Restoration: starting at 500:points:
Photo restorations consist of dust/scratch removal, removal of unwanted objects (to an extent), brightness/saturation adjustments and color corrections. Prices start at 500:points: but vary depending on condition of the original photo and work time. More restoration work need equals in a higher price. To request a photo restoration please send me a scanned copy of your photo. High dpi scans are preferred. Of course, digital images are fine too for color adjustments, object removal etc.
Examples: Photo Edit/Restoration - Lita by JordanMireldis Photo Edit/Restoration - Benji by JordanMireldis Photo Edit/Restoration - Mom And Grandma by JordanMireldis Photo Edit/Restoration - Blacky by JordanMireldisPhoto Edit/Restoration - Lita And Anne by JordanMireldis

.:: Commission Request Form ::.

If you want to order a request from me please fill out this form and send it to me via note. Do not place your orders in the comments. Questions are fine to be asked in the comments.

Character reference sheet/s:
Additional info:

After sending me the filled out request form wait for me to reply whether I'll accept or decline your commission and in case it is an item with varying prices I'll name the final price. If you wish to get updates in form of sketches/WIPs please specify as "additional info".

If you have any questions feel free to comment on here or send me a note.

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