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JordanMireldis has started a donation pool!
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Okay, gonna start rather small, just need some points for point commissions.

A big THANKS to everyone who donates.

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Need points? Go to dAhub! :points:

So you expect some sort of bio or something, eh? Well, let's see... What can I tell you about me? Why not some basics? Soooo....

My name is Jordan (duh) well, my screen name that is. Some of you happen to know my real name. Anyways, back on track. Name's Jordan, people tend to call me Jordy/Jordie, Jord, J-Bird, Lita, Jojo (No, you are NOT allowed to use that one, ever. This one is reserved for one person only. Call me that and the conversation is over. Get it? Got it.) Those happen to be my most common nickname, however you are allowed to come up with your own nickname for me if you dare. You'll notice whether I like it or not. I am German so yes, English is not my native language therefore my grammar/spelling is not flawless. But I try my best. I will not freak out in case you'll correct me, in fact I appreciate the help. What else? In case you didn't notice yet, I am a girl. Been born at the very last day of 1991 (New Year's Eve for the slower ones among you) which means I am currently 21 years old. You could say I am quite hard to handle and not afraid to speak my mind. I never willfully offend people though (Unless they clearly deserve it) so if you end up offended by what I say it's most likely your fault. DON'T get all BFF when I don't even know you for more than a few conversations. I don't work that way. I am not anti-social, I just have my own way of socializing. Yes, I do wear the same necklace than my fursona in real life (Why should I draw her with it if not?)

What I Love:
My dog, long walks, windy weather, snow, the smell of lilacs, the colors purple, turquise and orange, decorating, photographing, Victorious, roaming abandoned places, drawing, Knoppers (No clue what that is? Google is your friend), being out in the fields and forests, music, chocolates with crunchy stuff in it, the good old, 2D animated Disney movies, Latte Macchiato, fingerless gloves, Crossing jordan (Yes, my screen name has been influenced by that in some way, get over it) pillows, glowsticks, Cappuccino, soap bubbles, reading, birds, climbing onto things, dog tags, bananas, fixing broken things, play fighting with friends, Rizzoli & Isles, cauliflower,

What I Hate:
Liars, thives, idiots, stuck ups, hot weather, being forced to do something I do not want to, family parties, family in general, the smell of boiled eggs, mushrooms, pansies, repeative noises, questions with obvious answers, laggy computers, shopping, the color pink, hugs (Only certain people are allowed to hug me), wierd dudes trying to hit on me, people telling me what to do, getting dirt in my hair (not afraid to get dirty while working though), overly dramatic people, people who copy others, people who reply with a simply "k", sudden loud noises, poppy flowers, working on a drawing for hours only to have Gimp crash while saving, accidentally biting my tongue, Youtube blocking most good videos over here, blurry photos, people assuming I'd be a good mother just because the<'ve seen me play with a child once, running into people I once knew, broccoli, large crowds, phones,

Find Me On:
Skype: ask
E-mail: ask
Facebook: Ha, you wish!

Questions? Send me a nate, I don't bite...hard.

Alright, that's it, you can leave now.

And to prevent getting eaten by me I suggest you to leave some Knoppers and Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato

Commission info:…
Hello friends, watchers :iconfoxhelloplz:

I think it really is time to feature some really special people. I am by all means not good at these kinda things so bear with my humble try.


First we got my lovely girl, DynamicDeliveries :iconarvioheartplz:

Instead of gushing about her (I am sure you wouldn't want to read that and I got a reputation to keep up ;) )  I'm just gonna show you a few examples of her works:

Jordan for Jordan by DynamicDeliveries Golden Hickory by DynamicDeliveries Jennette-McCurdy- by DynamicDeliveries Benji by DynamicDeliveries  Cloud Nine by DynamicDeliveries

She's also open for reasonably priced point commissions, so far she's only got linearts featured on her page but you can drop her a note about other types of art. She won't bite you...probably.


Next up is my epic best friend DaniBlueStar I am sure most of you know about her by now but there is a chance some of you don't and her art is simply too fabulous to be missed out on.

Again, examples say more than words:

Trouble with the fireplace aka Hellfire by DaniBlueStar Out of the sky like raindrops... by DaniBlueStar Self portait by DaniBlueStar Benjiboy by DaniBlueStar Icy tears by DaniBlueStar

Go love upon both of them, drown them in faves and watches, they absolutely deserve it.


And last but not least a small company my girl and I founded. What's it about? Well, we're making all kinds of plushes and dolls from recycled fabrics and... ah what am I doing here? Just go have a look at JJPlushes!

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Jesus I love you <3
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I hope that worked
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Hello Jordan.
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Thank you soo much for the gift, Jordan, I realky appreciated it :D :heart:
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